About Us

Newage Technical Services specialises in "mobile device repairs" in the greater Pretoria and Johannesburg Areas.

Since its establishment, Newage Technical Service has become Gauteng's top choice for smartphone and tablet repairs. Ranging from smartphones, tablets, PCs , Game Consoles and others; we  repairs all makes and models of these electronic devices and others in our sole discretion. The issue does not matter to us, keep on naming it:  a cracked screen, data recovery, software updates and installation, or operating system not working correctly, call us and we will come to you and fix your device there in the comfort of your home, office or while shopping.

The dynamism of our team with a vast amount of experienced people make a difference for all our operations, as customer satisfaction is our top priority, we want to keep everyone happy and smiley as we work closely together with our customers. For prompt and reliable repairs you need, we are around. Just call us.